Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Favorites + new baubles

         November was an action packed month. I should have realized this, considering Thanksgiving is thrown in! Because of this, a concise set of favorites came to mind:

1. NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss- This is a new acquisition from the Sephora VIB sale (which reminds me, I haven't posted my haul yet). Recently, I have a new appreciation for NARS lip glosses. I generally don't like lip glosses since most cause my lips to dry or, worse, peel. I find that NARS glosses seem to be comfortable for my lips and don't cause these unwanted effects. It is true that there is an initially unpleasant chemical smell, however I'm willing to deal with that if my lips stay in good condition. Turkish delight is pale milky pink. It's a nice counterpart to Greek Holiday lip gloss (below) when I want a gloss without sparkle.
2. NARS Greek Holiday lip gloss- I've had this for a while now. Greek Holiday is such a versatile gloss. It works well with most lighter lipsticks I have. It's a gloss with sparkle in a sandy-pink base.
3. Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve lipstick- This is a pretty pale pink that goes with so many looks. It was a nice counterpart to the navy in my eyeshadow duo. More photos here.
4. Butter London Toff nail polish- more photos and review here.
5. L'Oreal Owl's Night nail polish- more photos and review here
6. Chanel Graphite nail polish- more photos and review here
7. NARS Mandchourie eyeshadow duo- I used this almost every day. I thought the colors would be difficult to use, however they can be sheered out nicely for daytime. More photos and review here.

         During my Thanksgiving visit to my parent's home, I did a little accessory shopping. Above are some earrings I bought. I like shopping in more suburban stores for fun earrings. There are always good finds, often at a discount. The Mediterranean blue earrings are a find from Talbots. I'm quite enamored with them. The hoops are Liz Claiborne and the bronze clustered baubles with chain tassels are MIXIT.

        That's all for November! I can already tell that December is going to be a different sort of makeup month for me. I've been favoring darker lip products and more natural eyes. I hope I get use out of my new accessories. I think they're very pretty! I've already had the chance to wear my blue earrings to one occaision. I hope everyone's having a good December so far. I'm getting caught up into the holiday spirit already. Mr. Lovey and I purchased and decorated a little tree today! Thanks for reading.

Love, Dovey.


  1. I was hunting ALLL over for the Owl Night polish! It was sold out everywhere! Love your favorites <3 as always!

  2. Accessories are my favorite things to buy :D Great favorites! I love Nars Turkish Delight =)Cant wait to see your Sephora loot!

  3. Excellent makeup picks and cute jewellry!

  4. those earrings are so cute! I'm slightly obsessed with turquoise! Turkish delight is one of my favorites too! It's such a great gloss!

  5. Such great choices! The Butter nail polish looks so pretty, what a lovely shade!

  6. I had such an accessories kick this year! I think my plain clothing started to bore me XD

  7. Great favourites. Those blue earrings are stunning. :)

  8. Excellent favorites, and as always you have the power to tempt me with things I hadn't even thought of before. Shouldn't that be illegal?! ;)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Yay for new accessories! I think I buy too many cosmetics and often forget to buy new jewelry and closet is starting to become very sad ._.

  10. Those are lovely accessories..the blue really pops...And great favourites list ;-) some lip glosses tend to make my lips peel too...good to know nars doesn't do that.

  11. love the L'Oreal nail polish :)

  12. LauraJEan- I'm lucky that I won it :)

    RD&L - thanks, I should get on that sometime soon!

    Jamilla - thank you!

    Kelly - I love the color too; I don't have enough!

    Penelope- thanks, I really like that one too

    Sarah- me too. I certainly needed a wardrobe update as well

    SMHL- thanks! I'm glad you like them too

    Lexi- Thanks!

    Jessica- =P

    Larie- me too. I think my wardrobe could use a little building.

    Beauty Box- glad that helped! I didn't realize certain glosses were better/ worse until recently

    Lucy - me too!

  13. NARS Greek Holiday is one of my favorite lip glosses. Your new earrings are so cute! :) Lovely photos as always! :)

  14. what gorgeous favorites!!!! you always introduce me to the best bobbi brown shades!


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