Friday, December 30, 2011

On my mind: pint-size trinkets

         Tonight I was supposed to have makeup on the mind and work on my New Year's related blog posts. Somehow, whenever I'm supposed to do something, the opposite happens. So today, I'm sharing a quick non-makeup post.

          For Christmas, I received these two pint-size trinkets from two very dear friends. They were so incredibly cute that I had to share them. The miniature knit owl is from Etsy. He is made of the warmest, fuzziest, and softest wool possible. He has delicate angora-like wisps that add to the baby bird like character. If you remove him from the nest, he also has the cutest little feet. The orange mini 'alarm' clock reminds me of a little cartoon. I've attached it to one of my bags as a fun element.

         Thanks for taking a peek at my new trinkets! And... a big thank you and lots of love to you-know-who-you-are!

Love, Dovey


  1. Squeeeee! I love owls...that one is adorable!!!!

  2. How cute is that!?!??! People think of the cutest things I swear! Wish I was creative like that lol

  3. they're adorable! I love the little owl! happy new year dovey!!!


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