Monday, January 9, 2012

Banchan and blogs

         Over the weekend, Mr. Lovey and I went out for some Korean food. If you've been to a Korean restaurant you might know that it is customary to serve a selection of small side dishes called banchan. For this entry I thought I'd share a small selection of posts (blog banchan, if you will) that I've enjoyed recently:

         Getting back to the food: we were hardcore and ordered this spicy seafood stew. Yum. Have you ever tried Korean food? What are your spring obsessions?

Love, Dovey.


  1. That stew looks so good! I love tofu stew but it's so filling but great for chilly SF afternoons!

    I am a kimchee ho! Especially for Kimchee fried rice...

  2. didnt know the side dishes had a collective name! learn something new everyday. creative way to call this little group of posts. honored to be mentioned! :) the spicy soup looks delish! that is definitely something i would order as well, i really enjoy korean food!

  3. Certainly mouth-watering food. Korean is so good.

  4. Oh, Dovey! This is so cute!! And so creative. You're not Korean, are you? Banchan blogging has never occurred to me. Love it!

  5. Thank you for the pics!! I LOVE KIM CHEE!!

  6. this looks so good! And what a creative idea :D I've been noticing a mineralize trend among some of my favorite bloggers too!

  7. LOVE Korean food and I think all the side dishes are so nommy! I also love that you recommend some good reads!

  8. Love Korean food- I could eat kimchi with pretty much anything and make my own.

    Spring obsessions are my new leopard print ballet pumps from Kurt Geiger and Jaeger lightweight wool trousers.

  9. Oh my goodness your photographs of your meal made my mouth water. I LOVE Korean food!

    Thank you for the shout-out, doll!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. how cute you showed the blog posts like Banchans! lol Love Korean food, have it every day!! going to have it in a few min actually! :D

  11. Lexi- haha! I love kimchi to. I wish I had another bowl of the soup with me now....

    kelly - yay! I've been inspired by your food posts :-P

    Girlie blogger- agreed.

    Liz- If I that meant I could eat this everyday, I would say yes :-P! Sometimes food and beauty combinations seem like good combinations at late hours of the night...

    Jamilla - me too!

    Kelly- next time I have a reason I'm going to get one!

    adthenshesmiled - Thanks for your comment- I'm surprised at how many people like it too!

    Mopsy - haha! I REALLY want a pair of leopard print ballet flats too--- I have a pair with partial leopard print

    Jessica- you too? yay!

    Lilladylife- Lucky girl!!!

  12. That looks incredibly delicious!

  13. I love the Korean side dishes! But I never knew what they were called....banchan, now I will know

    Anyways great recommends! The government agency names for concealer pencils are awesome xD


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