Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On my mind

         Here is tonight's quick cosmetic catharsis. Today I found that I only had one cool pale mauve pink lipstick in my makeup bag. It was well loved in the fall, however today it didn't work for me. Isn't it interesting how color palettes are shed like seasons? Now all I want are peachy beige nudes. Tonight I painted my nails with Butter London Tea with the Queen. I'm going to make sure NARS Belle de Jour lipstick takes residence in my everyday bag.

Thanks for reading and good night!

Love, Dovey.


  1. Oh how I wish Belle du Jour didn't wash me out! Even with a gloss on top, I feel it doesn't have enough color for me!

  2. Today I wore Lime Crime Countessa Flourescent... and my coworkers teased me ^.^;; but if I want neon today and nude tomorrow, I'm gonna wear what I feel like wearing!

  3. i want to try that butter london polish! i love nars lipsticks... yay!

  4. Lexi- actually I felt it washed me out a bit today too! Ack! I will go stronger on the eye makeup tomorrow.

    Sarah- Go for it! After all makeup is self expression :)

    Bronzer bunny - thanks! I love NARS lipsticks too!

  5. What a pretty picture. I might have to post it on my tumblr and link it back to this lovely blog. :p

    I always find certain shades of makeup do not work as the seasons change... it is quite interesting. :)

  6. Such pretty classics! Makes me want to rummage through my stash to put together a set of my happy colours. :)


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