Sunday, January 1, 2012

In 2012 I resolve to...

1. Find inspiration in art and fashion. In the coming year I'd like to expand my beauty horizons and incorporate more art and fashion into my routine. I'd like to write more 'Inspired by art' posts if I can manage it. I love searching through museums for a piece that speaks to me in the moment. Recently I've discovered fashion blogs as well. It's a whole new wonderful world!

2. Paint. Before blog photography became my primary artistic outlet, I used to paint. A love of color engendered a love for makeup. I'd like to get more use out of my paint brushes this year.

3. Plan my big day. As you can see, I'm pretty set when it comes to the nail polish. However, there are a lot of other details that need planning.

4. Put more effort into skincare. Makeup looks best when painted upon a clean canvas. This year I need to divert some energy into caring for my skin. The tricky thing about skincare is that expensive isn't always better. Finding the right combination through careful testing and research takes considerable effort. Remembering to keep myself hydrated and well rested is also important. Good ingredients can only do so much!

5. Sleep. I need to curb late-night blogging or internet perusing habits. A well rested version of me is healthier, happier, and more beautiful.

         In summary, I hope I can keep a balance between beauty, blogging, and life in the coming year. It's a tall order, but I'll try my best! Thanks for reading!

Love, Dovey.


  1. Happy New Year!
    Here's to getting back to painting.
    Me too.
    I now love photography --so quick and easy but paint is so sensual
    and thrilling .
    Buster sends his best.

  2. Yup, yup, skincare and sleep.

    Enjoy your painting! I have an extremely artistic side with very little talent--at least for expressing art through paint or illustration, even though I have a super sharp eye for color. I did manage to find a job that pays me to write, and I can still bang out a tune on the piano, but I sometimes wish I had trained as an architect or an interior designer instead!

  3. Good luck planning! If you need any pointers (which I'm sure you're sick of hearing) please let me know :)

    Here here to getting back to painting. I almost went to art school for college before I switched my plans dramatically to go to a normal college and major in English and French. Since then I haven't painted as much as I'd like, which is horrible. I should work on that!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. these are great resolutions! One of the days while I'm still home I really want to go to the Art Institute and just take a bunch of photos! I always feel really creative after going to the museum, haha!

  5. These are great! I am planning as well, and I hate it. ._. I can't paint or do anything remotely artistic, but I used to love to make earrings and write. I want to be able to get back into those, just for fun.

  6. Happy New Yr! I love all your resolutions! one of mine was to draw more too!!!! OMG the nail polish made me laugh, I am not engaged and know nothing of my big day but I keep trying all these baby pinks for the perfect wedding nails so at least I will know 1 thing that day! HAHA

  7. Elizabeth - what a beautiful description of painting vs photography!

    Zuzu- writing is such an art too. I'm not terribly good at painting, but I like it anyway. I recommend trying it!

    Jessica- will never get tired! I SHOULD ask for more pointers actually. Ah--- I didn't know you almost went to art school. You must have a lot of talent :)

    Kelly- I feel exactly the same way. Do it!!

    Larie- I'd love to see what you make. Earrings are so practical too

    Lilladylife- HAHA, weddings (no matter how distant or past) are great excuses for collecting pinks. =D

  8. Great resolutions :) I need to get more sleep too... right now would be nice!

  9. Sleeping more and writing eloquent fragrance reviews are HIGH on my list...I've come to the realization that the weight will come off when I'm super serious about but I'm hoping it will just fall off by itself ;)

  10. It seems like you have a lot to look forward to... I can't wait to follow everything through your blog :)

    Happy New Year !!

  11. I love all your resolutions!

    Especially the fashion blogs part! Looking forward to seeing more of that in your posts too :)

  12. Thank you Sarah, lexi, tasha and ZZ :D

  13. I adore your art inspired posts, so... yes please! Even the way you put those nail polish bottles together is so much more artistic than I can conceive.

    More cute and mundane in 2012, yay!


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