Monday, May 7, 2012

Allure Beauty Blogger Awards Challenge #3: Beauty mistakes

          The third challenge of the Allure beauty blogger awards challenge #3 is now open for voting online (see here)! This week we were asked to compose a post based on beauty mistakes. As usual I've included a photographic sneak peek pertaining to my post.

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Perks of Voting (up to once a day)
  • My gratitude
  • Allure's Week # 2 Prize: 1 Nook Tablet
  • Allure's Grand Prize: $3000 three day two night trip to Fontainebleu Miami Beach and $1000 of Revlon products
          This week, I'm ranked fourth, based off my performance on last week's  challenge #2 entry I wrote on Jennifer Lawrence at the Hunger Games (see here). Each week a new ranking list is posted based off the editor's scores and public vote. In the end, the blogger with the highest cumulative score will be the grand prize winner. I'm sure it's a very tight race up at the top, and every vote helps tip the scales. Many of you have tweeted, liked, and voted on my behalf; so much of where I am now is thanks to you. I want you to know that I'm so grateful for all the support and kind words I've received!

Love, Dovey.

P.S. The 'paint' in the picture above is actually foundation


  1. great post and difficult quiestion, since makeup is so personal. I always have problems finding a foundation match (too pale for most foundations but I don't consider myself as a goast). I use fake tan, which gives me a light olive complexion (leaning natural), sometimes I feel, like cosmetic companies only know yellow and orange. in asia they at least release the lighter foundation shades (as if western women only need 1 foundation colour) ----> guerlain, I am calling your name now! why there is no #1 here?!

    1. Hi Claire, I agree, it's so hard to find a match and I also have the too yellow or too orange problem too. I have a little olive in my skin too---I think the choices for olive skin tend to be more limited, and it often gets lumped into the 'yellow' category.

  2. Excellent article. I love the photo of you with the artist's palette. I have an easy time with foundation because I found my match 12 years ago and have rarely wavered. I will stick with it until my skin becomes too old to handle it anymore, and then I'll either find something else or maybe I won't even care!

    Oh, I absolutely do want to try the new YSL foundation, which I believe uses a similar formula to their beloved Touche Eclat.

    BTW, I will have issues voting. I click the button and nothing happens. I am hoping the vote gets registered anyway ... quietly behind the scenes. I must be Allure cursed.

    1. Thank you so much for reading it Zuzu! Wow, I can't believe you found the perfect match 12 years ago! I found NARS Deauville this year, which is as close to perfect for me as I've ever gotten. I liked it so much I've pretty much give away my Chanels and other foundations to my mom :)

  3. Great article! Foundation makes such a difference in overall look. Pick the wrong one and you risk emphasizing flaws instead of covering them up :) I'm always on the hunt for a really great foundation. Haven't found my holy grail yet!


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