Monday, September 2, 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Collection 2013 (#102, #106, #132, #148, #214, #236, #244, #258, #302, #412) review + photos

          By now, most of you know that art has been a longtime passion of mine that both fuels and complements my passion for beauty. Whether in the form of my original Inspired by Art series, the smatterings of my own artistic creations (see one here), or even in my photography, my love for art touches every aspect of Cute and Mundane! Although all beauty products contain the spark of art, every so often I find a product that truly encapsulates this ever-present dichotomy of spirit. Among these, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Collection really stands out!

          When it comes to painting, different media require completely different sets of brushes. Water and oil don't mix, and neither do watercolor brushes and oil paint!  Similarly, the myriad textures and compositions found in makeup require specific and specialized applicators. The brand new MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Collection does an amazing job of addressing the needs of both beauty enthusiasts and professionals with seventy-six well-crafted tools. It's worth mentioning that the dark wood-grain handles evoke the feel of actual artists' paintbrushes!

          The coolest part of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Collection is that all the bristles are specially designed synthetics. These innovative bristles come in a variety of combinations of diameters and textures: thick, thin, wavy and straight. The variations in texture mimic natural fibers, giving much more versatility than your typical straight synthetics. As an animal lover, I try to stick to synthetics as much as possible. Plus, I find that they're more hygienic and better at enduring the rigors of vigorous washing.

          The MAKE UP FOR EVER 100 series consists of complexion brushes. The #102 Foundation Kabuki Small ($36) has a full head and picks up both powders and liquids well. It's great for working bases around the nose or other delicate features that larger brushes might miss. #106 Foundation Brush Medium ($36) is your basic paddle-shaped foundation brush with straight fibers. #132 Powder Flat Kabuki ($55) is a unique flat brush with very supple wavy fibers. It's great for a sheer dusting of powder. #148 Blending Blush Brush ($55) (seen in first photo only) is a duo fiber with both long straight and short wavy bristles meant for use with cream products. It's soft and bendy and excels at light application.

          The MAKE UP FOR EVER 200 series consists of eye brushes. The #214 Precision Crease Brush Small ($25) has bendy straight fibers that are good for precision work or for those of us with small creases or lids. I find it really handy. #236 Precision Blender Brush Large ($31) is a full dome-shaped brush made up of wavy fibers. It's my favorite of the bunch and works incredibly well for depositing even amounts of eyeshadow over large areas. I want one in every size! #244 Precision Shader Brush Large ($31) is a flat paddle with straight fibers that works well for depositing more color. #258 Precision Eyeliner Brush Large ($24) has a small short paddle-shaped head that's similar in concept to Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine eyeliner brush. You can apply liner using the thin or thick edge depending on the desired line.

          The MAKE UP FOR EVER 300 and 400 series consist of lip and artistic specialty brushes, respectively. The #302 Precision Lip Brush ($21) is a small flat brush that can deposit lip color precisely. #412 Paint Brush, Medium ($43) is a pro-artist's brush that can be used to deposit creams and liquids on large areas of the body. It looks a lot like a paintbrush, and it's a fun addition to my brush collection.

           The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush collection pleases both the artist and aesthete in me! I love the gorgeous dark design, the great performance, and wide variety of brushes in this collection, especially in a landscape where high-end synthetic bristles are hard to find. I'm particularly fond of the innovative 'wavy' synthetic bristles and the quality of the eye brushes.

           My favorite brushes from my set are #214, #246, and #132. The #214 Precision Crease Brush is wonderfully convenient for working on a smaller lid space. The #236 Precision Large Blender Brush Large is my favorite brush of the bunch. As mentioned above, it deposits shadow smoothly and quickly over a large area. I've been using it in lieu of a typical eyeshadow brush. The #132 Powder Flat Kabuki is a fun, unique brush. It's great for when I want a sheer layer of finishing powder.

           I can't wait until the full collection launches at Sephora and MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques in September 2013. There are a few brushes I'd love to add to my collection! Thanks for reading! Which brushes stand out to you? Are you planning on exploring the collection in stores?

Love, Dovey.
Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.


  1. The first photo was love at first site! I wrote down all your favorites, can't wait to check them out in person! ty for the review!!

  2. I have two of them and LOVE them! I have the #150 and the #128-both are amazing. I for sure want to pick up some eye brushes now-that #214 looks perfect!

  3. That paint brush looks super interesting! Pity I'd never have to use it.. Looks like a fun addition to my brush collection indeed :) The precision crease appeals most to me.. It looks good!

  4. omg they are pieces of art, Dovey! love them! I am very interested in the face brushes esp #412.. too bad MUFE is not available where i live.. T.T

  5. I like some of these a lot because the shapes seem quite unique, yet I could see them working very well! #102 for example, looks like it's got real potential!

  6. OMG that #412 paint brush... LOL. I don't know why it's giving me the giggles but here we are.

    I didn't understand the "artisan" part about these brushes until this post. I'll definitely have to take a look at these when they land in our stores.

  7. Hi, Dovey! I wanted to let you know that I have returned to blogging. Momma had a hard time blogging after we lost Twix but we are back. How is Baby Bird doing?

  8. OMG!!! These brushes are all so pretty. I have listed the ones that I would love to buy. Can't wait to try them out.

  9. I am so interested in these! Not only do they seem like great brushes, but they also look gorgeous. I will definitely be checking these out at Sephora!

  10. Hi Dovey,
    Those are beautiful pictures! I love the handle of the brushes. It looks so artsy and natural :)
    The kabuki brush looks so divine and soft.. I need to check this out if it hits SIngapore shore.

  11. Hi Dovey,
    Those are beautiful pictures! The brush handles looks artsy and natural. The foundation kabuki small looks so soft and I bet it feels divine :) I will definitely check this out if it hits Singapore shore.

  12. These brushes are beautiful -- I think I want #148, and #214 looks like the kind of crease brush I would love! Thank you for the review and lovely photos!

  13. They look so fine and stylish! Lovely!

  14. Wow, that's an unbelievable brush collection. Beautiful and so professionally looking!


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