Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday Five : What's on my bookshelf edition

           Happy Friday! I love the way bookshelves become populated with personal artifacts from both past and present, evolving into squared-off microcosms of our lives! Recently I shared a snapshot of one cube in my bookshelf on Cute and Mundane's Instagram, the aftermath of a mini organization session. I loved the homey effect of the arrangement, and thought it would be fun to share a little personal history by cataloging five of my personal effects seen here!

1. Magazine subscriptions
I seem to have accumulated quite a number of subscriptions this year! (They were, in fact the impetus for this organization session --- having been previously scattered across every nook and cranny of my home). As I've mentioned before, I adore Harper's Bazaar, which is by far my favorite read. My current beauty and fashion glossies also include Marie Claire, Allure, and Elle.

2. Pink magazine files
I'm of the opinion that office accessories (or any accessories, really) are always better in pink! I picked up these pink IKEA files years ago when I first moved to Chicago.

3. Dior Addict 2 perfume
Dior Addict 2 was my signature scent when I met Mr. Lovey and it's the only perfume I've bought more than one bottle of. Sadly, the optimistic pink perfume is no longer in production, and the juice left in my bottle has lost its pep. I keep the bottle as a memento of a longtime love!

4. Wooden dog marionette
Wooden marionettes are a staple for those who love to sketch! I especially love this artist's version of man's best friend, as I've been a dog person for as long as I remember. Plus, it has floppy ears like both Baby Bird and Robin!

5. Perfume books 
I've collected quite a few perfume reads over the past year. (You can find a list in my Perfume Book post here). My favorite texts have been by perfumer and author Jean-Claude Ellena, exclusive perfumer for Hermès. I suppose it's natural that I enjoy his prose almost as much as I enjoy his olfactory compositions! The titles I own include Perfume : The Alchemy of Scent and The Diary of a Nose.

           Thanks for reading! What personal artifacts do you keep on your bookshelf? What magazines, books, or perfumes have you been loving lately?

Love, Dovey.


  1. I have the same A-Z Perfume Guide - I love coming back to it :) I should check out your other perfume books recommendations asap!

    1. Hi Monika, The A-Z guide is fun to read sporadically! As for the other books, I've enjoyed how different each author's perspective on perfume is.

  2. Harper's Bazaar was my fave too when I used to subscribe to magazines. It was always so painful parting with old issues that I ran out of room and had to stop, lol.


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