Thursday, November 7, 2013

LUSH Mr. Punch, Noriko, and Orange soap review + photos

          Every holiday season, festive delights and colorful cakes line the frosty windows of LUSH boutiques nationwide! Crafted from essential oils, fruits, and vegetables, LUSH soaps are among the most inspired of their original creations. Today I have slices of LUSH Mr. Punch soap, LUSH Noriko soap, and LUSH Orange soap from the LUSH Holiday 2013 collection to share with you today, courtesy of the folks at LUSH!

Love the little 'fruit slices' in LUSH Mr. Punch soap
            I was delighted to see the return of LUSH Mr. Punch soap, which debuted this time last year. Mr. Punch has a bright fruity blackcurrant scent, mixed in with an undercurrent of gin. Contained within the soap are blackcurrant absolute, fresh lime oil, juniper berries, and a splash of gin. The soap cakes are even crafted to look like fruit punch!

LUSH Noriko soap is as creamy as it looks!
           LUSH Noriko soap is a new addition with Asian flair! This delicate floral soap boasts ingredients like sake, rice decoction, and tofu for a creamy cleanse. The soap smells of rose, ylang ylang, lavender, and orange oil.

          LUSH Orange soap is sure to add a sunny squeeze to dark winter days. This new addition to the Holiday 2013 lineup contains fresh OJ to cleanse, and Brazilian orange oil to tone; orange slices embedded in a squishy gel can be seen contained within the translucent block!

So many of layers of orange in LUSH Orange soap!
          LUSH Mr. Punch soap, LUSH Noriko soap, and LUSH Orange soap (3.5 oz. for $6.95) each provide a little slice of paradise during these cold winter nights! I'm loving all three, but if I had to choose, LUSH Mr. Punch would have to be my favorite. There's something about the berries and gin combination that's delectably unique!

           Thanks for reading! Have you browsed LUSH Holiday 2013? What are your favorite LUSH soaps? Which holiday LUSH soap would you choose?

Love, Dovey.
Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own. 


  1. Hey,

    First of all I would Like to thank you and congratulate you for the extraordinary work that you do here!
    Was a blogger myself I have you and your blog was reference of what a blog and blogger should be! Not only for what you talk and show here but the way you display the information, the way you take your photo, it's all a result of a hard and beautiful work!

    Moving on to this post, I was in love with Christmas collection from Lush the moment I saw it! I was Lucy enough to be invited from Lush to attend the launch of this collection and I was so excited that I couldn't wait for it to be available in stores!
    Actually I bought Mr.Punch was a Christmas gift for my father and my father in law and I can confess that i'm struggling not to use it my self! It really has an awesome scent.
    Even if I consider my self a lover of sweet scents I'm a huge fan of icy cold scents so was citrus ones so my favorite soup from this holiday collection it's definitely Snow Globe! I just can't get enough of that smell!

    I'm sorry for this huge comment :)
    Keep on the great work!

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  2. Noriko smelled delicious, so I had to get a bar. I have tried Mr. Punch last year and liked it as well.

  3. The orange soap looks amazing, mostly since I love citrus scents, haha. These all look lovely!

  4. They are great gift ideas this coming holiday season. I'll def check on them since LUSH products are known to have great products that are worth the try.


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