Sunday, November 3, 2013

Literal Arts

              I'm very much a minimalist when it comes to self-decor. I prefer simple colors to speak for themselves, as opposed to donning a cacophony of chromaticities. I do, however, make an exception for the written word! There's something iconic about text; it can be a 'literal art' within itself. Lettering can be stylized in the inked flourishes of calligraphy, while textual arrangements can create fun formations, as seen here in Harper's Bazaar 'My List' (which happens to be among my favorite columns... or should I say circles?).

Butter London Union Jack Black and Essie Blanc
            Today I'm sharing photos of a simple nail look I wore this weekend, using words as art! It's a simple project, really. I used black and white for modern contrast. (Shown here are Butter London Union Jack Black* (reviewed here) and Essie Blanc*). I freehanded the letters, but I'm sure one could use an actual paintbrush for more control! To keep things from being over-the-top (i.e. staying minimalist), I kept my other hand letter-free for effect.

          I loved my simple little lettered mani! I'd venture to say the real fun is in picking  the actual word to paint. I was in the mood for Italian today with ciao, however, as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless!

          Thanks for reading! Have you worn a lettered mani? What message would you leave at your fingertips?

Love, Dovey.
*Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.


  1. Hey Dovey, what a fun mani! I did a newspaper manicure a while ago and I guess the idea is somehow similar :) I don't own a real white or black nail polish because they're really shades I see working in nail art (like this one), which I don't do that often at all!

  2. This is so much fun Dovey!! I love this idea. I might just try this!

  3. So pretty, I love monochrome nails x

  4. Help!! I need COOL 4 letter words. ;)

  5. Such a cool idea, Dovy!


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