Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Color in Indécise review + swatches

            As Northern days grow shorter and the nights wax cooler, our colors shift like the spectacular hues in the sunset skies. I've been searching for the perfect shades to complement this evanescent aesthetic --- something with a fading warm glow to remind me of the sun's last hurrah. Recently, I've found this subtle sentiment channeled in CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise, a warm glimmering pink.

           CHANEL Indécise was first released as a part of the Collection Rouge Allure Moiré de Chanel, and featured again in Collection Nuit Infinie de Chanel (Holiday 2013). Both collections sport a stunning array of new Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks!

CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise (Holiday 2013)
           CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise is a warm pink nude with sunset tints. It tones down my lips and adds a glowy warmth. Bobbi Brown Uber Beige Lipstick (not to be confused with Bobbi Brown Uber Beige Rich Lip color which swatches differently) is the closest match in shade. It's slightly less pink and lacks a warm shimmer. Bobbi Brown Beige is  cooler and is less orange in tone. MAC Shy Girl is lighter and more peach. NARS Belle de Jour is lighter, less pink, more nude.

           Of note, CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise has considerable shine (even more than my swatch below implies). It can even catch an almost-coppery glow in fading sunlight! I typically don't go for frosty finishes, but it can be quite complementary and contemporary when paired with a warm nude hue.

          CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise is beautiful addition to my cold weather collection. I've been reaching for this warm sunset nude almost daily. (My only complaint is the formula is slightly dry). Otherwise, I adore the contrasting combination of warmth and frost;  the summation is unexpectedly beautiful, like the glimmering pinks and oranges splashed across the winter sky!

          Thanks for reading! What pieces from Chanel Rouge Moiré and Chanel Nuit Infinie have caught your eye? What are your favorite shades of Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks?

Love, Dovey.


  1. hi! i love your blog!!! thankyou for this wonderful post. i tried another shade from the "moire'" collection. it's the only coral-peach shade. it was very pretty. i'm used to always using a glossimer with chanel lippies. but, i don't think these were intended for that. i also know lips have to be in top condition for these lighter shades. i saw lots of patchiness and peeling on me. i also do not like the matte lip formula. i've been looking for the rouge coco in plumetis from the fall 2011 collection. it was hard to find. but, this will be my fourth one. i also found the matching glossimer in pampille. when i go to the mall next weekend, i'm going to try indecise. i have a few burgundy and red turtlenecks for fall. i never know why i purchase these colors because i have a tough time finding lip colors to coordinate with them. would you have any suggestions? i really need to feel comfortable in a matte lip color. not sure shiny red lips are appropriate for day and for my age?? anyway, this seems to be the second year chanel has matte red lips for this time of year. it's so enjoyable reading your posts! thankyou!! xoxo

  2. Ooh la la! This is it! I went to the mall a few weeks ago and found this perfect color for myself. I can use this color forever. I love it.

    p. s. Happy belated birthday Dovey. LA

  3. This is such a pretty nude. Chanel makes wonderful lip stick ranges. I can't wait to swatch Chanel Christmas holiday Radieuse :)

  4. Peachy beiges never looked more alluring. :)

  5. Love it! Yeah you are right its a nice addition to our collection. Love the color for its not too light and not too dark.

  6. Hi Dovey, Great comparisons! I agree--really like the color, but the formula is a bit dry. I must look for Uber Beige next time I'm at the Bobbi Brown counter - it looks lovely in your swatch :)

  7. Darn you, Dovey - I was already quite set that I didn't like Chanel lipstick formula, and now you're throwing me curveball! Indecise would probably be a touch too warm for me though. Thanks for the review!

  8. GREAT comparisons! This is such a lovely shade!


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