Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A clean slate...

           Happy New Year! There's something magical about January 1st - I just love the refreshing feeling of waking up to a brand new year, full of optimism and good will! It's also a great chance to reaffirm those old (and new) resolutions with a squeaky clean slate!

         Naturally, the colors I'm wearing at this new beginning reflect my sentiments. I've started 2014 with a couple coats of Essie Allure at my fingertips. This sheer white was a wonderful rediscovery from my stash; it was gifted to me by a dear friend some time ago. I also decided it was high time to switch out my well-worn wallet. I went from hot pink to this gorgeous white grain Kate Spade wallet (thanks mom!). In terms of makeup, I'm keeping things minimal with just a dusting of CHANEL Poudre Universelle in 20 Clair, with a liquid eyeliner, mascara, and a little aquaphor on the lips.

         Thanks for reading! I hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start! What beauty products and/or accessories are you refreshing your routine with today?

Love, Dovey.


  1. lovely picture, Dovey! love the kate spade wallet <3
    I wish you a happy new year!

  2. Hey Dovey, happy new year! This is a beautiful clean slate to start the year with! I'm just lazing off today trying to digest/detox a little :p

  3. I wish you a very Happy New Year Dovey!
    I Love your Blog!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Love this, Dovey! Happy new year!

  5. Awww...the kate spade wallet is so pretty. Happy New Year!!!


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