Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skincare Sunday : A few of my favorites from Avène, Kiehl's, and Tatcha

         If there's one thing I've learned this quarter, it's that six hours of sleep and chronic coffee consumption does not healthy skin make! Thanks to a busy-bee schedule (and allergy season on its way), my skin's been through some ups and downs. Due to the aforementioned circumstances and the ingredient-sensitive nature of my skin, optimizing my skincare routine can be a challenge! Thankfully, I've managed to accumulate a handful of skincare products that seem to work well for me --- and thought it would be fun to share them with you today!

1. Avène Crème peaux intolerantes
What would I do without Avene? This cream has been my go-to for when I want to put only the gentlest, simplest ingredients on. Additionally, it has special packaging that allows it to be preservative free. (I like to think of this cream as very hypoallergenic, even among hypoallergenic creams!)

2. Avene Cleanance cleanser
This has been my holy grail cleanser for a few years now. The gel formula gives a deep clean without drying (or using salicylic acids which I can be sensitive to). Plus, I love the gentle thermal water scent!

3. Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating cream and eye balm (click for review)
I'll admit it: I'm fond of the sea-glass green jars. Aside from the aesthetics, I've been having good luck with the Rosa Arctica formula on my skin thus far. The ingredient list is a bit more extensive than with Avène products, but it works well for me when my skin is relatively calm and on the dry side. I like the thicker, somewhat balmy feel, and how well it locks in moisture.

4. Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (click for review)
Like a number of people with 'ethnic' skin, I tend to scar and develop hyperpigmentation quite easily. Vitamin C products tend to work really well for me when it comes to evening out my skintone over time. I acquired a brand new bottle of Kiehl's Vitamin C concentrate and have been loving it thus far!

5. Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment (click for review)
This is a new discovery of mine, thanks to Tatcha. I like to use this as a calming night-time treatment for when my skin is under some duress. I'm still tickled by the indigo-tinted formula and the gorgeous packaging!

         Thanks for reading! What skincare products have you been loving lately? Have you tried anything from Avène, Kiehl's, or Tatcha?

Love, Dovey.


  1. I'm using an anti-aging thing from Avene - the Ystheal range! I like it so far.

  2. Hi Larie, Oh, that sounds nice! I haven't tried the Ystheal range yet :)

  3. Hey Dovey, I've tried the Line-Reducing Concentrate, but I am not a fan of the slippery silicone feeling. I ended up giving half a bottle to a friend who has dry skin, and she loves it! Maybe it's a skin type thing!

  4. Tacha's blue cream (soothing) is magic. I love that Avene soothing cream too, delightfully neutral

  5. Lovely lovely stuff! I'm on my second bottle of the avene gel and I love it for days when my skin is feeling normal and not flaring up or being oilier than usual! I'm dying to try something from tatcha!

  6. I really want to try the Avene Cleanance Cleanser-I'm always on the hunt for a good cleanser!

  7. I have not tried any of these but upon reading this, I find them great products to try out. They are impressive and I like the quality of each. I will check on these.

  8. Loved reading about your favorites, Dovey! I'm really interested in trying out some Avene products at some point.

  9. I have also tried the Avene cleanser and until now I am loving it. This is my second bottle actually.

  10. You have me quite curious about the Tatcha product - I've not tried this line but now I want to! #enabler ;)


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