Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Snapshot

       I'm about to head out for dinner, but I have a few minutes to share a Sunday Snapshot! Here's a quick diary of the beauty and fashion topics on my mind as of late...

1. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
It's the talk of the town, so here are my two cents. I haven't picked out anything as of yet, which is fine by me. I did contemplate a pair of Cole Haan boots, but found out they had leather soles (not so practical for Chicago snow). I'm currently considering a new strap for my MICHELE.

2. NARS in shades of grey
I'm loving grey again, which is nice, as the shade works well for my complexion. I just painted my toes with NARS Storm Bird (click for review). I've been incorporating a slight wash of NARS Tzarine (a classic!) into my eye color as well.

3. J.Crew dresses
J.Crew dresses are a current everyday staple. I love the simple designs and the fact that for me, the sizing is pretty straightforward. (It's nice to order without worrying about fit!) I just placed an order for a silk taffeta dress in 'Aged Driftwood' and a super-120's wool dress in 'Heather Flannel.' (Again, shades of grey...)

4. A casual clutch collection
Lately I've been collecting cute clutches. I tend to favor natural textures and prints, like my J.Crew Cork Clutch, shown here! I'm excited for my latest acquisition, the J.Crew Stationery clutch in raffia to get here.

3. Harper's Bazaar August 2014
I'm loving the oceanic blue on the cover of this month's Harper's Bazaar! Typically, mid-toned blues get little play in my wardrobe, but I'm hoping to find some way to incorporate them in this month. I considered a dress, but I might stick with smaller accents like a blue nail lacquer instead.

        Thanks for reading! What's on your mind / shopping / collection list as of late? What colors are you loving this month?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. Hmmmm...I think I'm loving gray too. Love the one that you have picked.


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