Saturday, July 19, 2014

NARS Lost Coast eyeshadow duo + NARS #42 Blending Eyeshadow Brush review + swatches

           Can you imagine my delight at receiving surprise package in the mail from NARS? Needless to say, the package was torn apart in a flurry to uncover the goodies within. Today I'm sharing a quick overview of my two new treats. NARS Lost Coast eyeshadow duo is a gorgeous piece from the Summer 2014 collection and something I'd been eyeing for quite some time! The NARS Blending eyeshadow brush #42 is part of their new-ish brush lineup. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

           The NARS Blending eyeshadow brush #42 has long cylindrical barrel with a red lacquer finish at the end (it feels very Asian zen). I wasn't sure how this non ergonometric design would work, but it has a nice weight and feels stable in my hands. The brush is constructed from animal fur, and has a soft fluffy feel. I love using this brush for a sheer even wash of color. It's been my go-to shadow brush for the past week! (I'd be lying if I said I didn't love my first foray into NARS brushes --- however I'd be even happier to see some synthetic options in the NARS lineup as well).

         NARS Lost Coast eyeshadow duo would have been my pick from the Summer collection if I'd had time to head to a counter during my crazy-busy quarter! I'm so excited about the pale orchid half of this duo. It's just the pale purple-pink shade I was looking for. (I'd been subsisting with NARS Baby Girl, but the shade is a bit sparkly and is a pure pink). The other half is an intriguing platinum-greige  shade. It reminds me a lot of NARS Vent Glacé. This duo applies somewhat sheerly and has an overall brightening effect.

        When it came to swatches, the first thought I had was to compare NARS Lost Coast eyeshadow duo to NARS Nouveau Monde. Both have a similar purple / kakhi pairing. However you can see how the former applies more sheerly and has a brightening effect, while the latter is more pigmented and earthy.

        I'm thrilled to add both NARS Lost Coast eyeshadow duo and the NARS Blending eyeshadow brush to my ever-growing NARS collection. I'll be putting them to good using in the days ahead!

       Thanks for reading! What new NARS have you picked out recently? What NARS products are you loving right now?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. Lost Coast is a very attractive duo! Each shade would make a chic wash, but with a dark cream base, the duo could be easily played up to create unique smoky looks as well.
    My most recent purchase from NARS includes BLKR blush and the setting powder. Plus they came with a handful of cute minis. :)

  2. Love these delicate shades!!

  3. Lost Coats is beautiful, I love the pairing and how soft the shades appear to be. I do however wish that NARS gave more details about their new brushes, e.g. the type of hair they're using.

    1. LOL at Lost Coats. Meant to say Coast, obvs :)

  4. Very pretty, I've been thinking of picking this duo up so think I'll have to give in :)

  5. Lovely indeed! Love that Nars duo. Love those colors for they seem to create a very lovely look.

  6. It's funny I don't have any NARS duos. I have a couple of the single eye shadows and the narsisst palette (that I bought but haven't tried yet!). I hope to add some duos to my collection soon.


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