Sunday, August 24, 2014

Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit review + swatches

         When you're painting on one of life's littlest canvases, it's pretty tricky to achieve fine detail when working with a nail polish brush. (And that's not even counting your wide paddle shaped applicators!). With that in mind, here's a reason to rejoice: the new Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Took Kit!

        Butter London has packaged a set of five miniature nail art tools and a shaping file into a cute tin, perfect for the aspiring DIY nail artist. The tools are quite mini (most likely smaller in real life than you're seeing here on your computer screen) and include the following :

  1. Clean Up Brush - to clean up any messy edges
  2. Dotting Tool - this is my favorite tool and is the easiest to use; there are two different ends to give you two different sized dots
  3. Long Striping Brush - I haven't figured out the perfect use for this brush, but it seems good for stripes; the long head makes it easier for longer, continuous strokes
  4. Ombré Brush - this one is also easy to use for creating a gradient effect on the nail; I bet it would be great for those with long nails
  5. Striping Brush - theoretically this seems useful for drawing in little details, however practically speaking, it's still a work in process for me
        Overall, I really dig the idea of Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Took Kit ($30). There is a learning curve to effectively use some of the tools, and I don't think I'm anywhere near pro-artist status at this point; however the experience is so much more facile and fun than trying to make do with your typical polish brush. Cleaning up is pretty simple too --- just a little polish remover and paper towels are necessary.

       Thanks for reading! What do you think of a DIY nail art tool kit? Do you enjoy experimenting with nail art?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. This is really cute! I'm not very good at nail art and rarely bother, although sometimes I wish I could do some fun things when I get bored. Still, it takes more time than I am willing to invest - I can barely wait for two coats to dry, haha.


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