Sunday, October 5, 2014

Essie Minimalistic nail polish review + swatches

         If you need your daily dose of pink, this pink polish post is for you! When it comes to staple shades like pink, I tend to collect a number of nuances. After all polish preferences such as shade, shimmer, and sheerness change depending on the season.  Around this time of year, I shed the sheers and reach for opaque cremes, a la Essie Minimalistic.

Essie Minimalistic nail polish
       Essie Minimalistic is an opaque pale pink creme. It has a clean feel with neutral to cool undertones. Usually two coats is sufficient for full effect.

My collection of light pink Essie polishes! (I'll try to do a post with my Essie pink sheers someday...)
          I've compared Essie Minimalistic to opaque pink Essie creme polishes in my collection. Essie French Affair is darker and cooler, with lavender tones. Essie Neo Whimsical is darker and also has some lavender tones mixed in. Essie Fiji is the most similar polish to Minimalistic; that said, it is a warmer pink. Essie Not Just A Pretty Face is darker and much warmer with beige undertones.

            Essie Minimalistic is one of my favorite Essie pinks. I love how pale and  clean the color is; it doesn't have lavender, coral, or beige undertones, as many pinks often do. It's surprising how much a small change in undertone can affect overall appearance. I personally find Essie Minimalistic to be generally more wearable for me than Essie Fiji, though it's hard to tell which one's which at first glance!

          Thanks for reading! What are your favorite pink polishes? What Essie pinks do you have in your collection?

Love, Dovey.


  1. How pretty!
    I love the clean sophisticated pink polishes like this. The name is quite apt, too.
    Do you find the application a bit streaky? It seems to be a common issue for pale shades with opaque finish.

  2. Really pretty! :-) I love that picture of all the Essie nail paints together! My favorites pink polishes come from Dior and Sally Hansen.. in fact they are pretty much dupes of each other! :-) I really like SH's Nude Now a very pretty slightly beige pink that works on my complexion!


  3. My favorite Essie pink is Madamoiselle. It is a pale pink gel that applies sheerly and gives your nails a really natural polished look, you would love it if you don't already have it in your collection!

  4. French affair is so cute! Love the lightness and girly look of it. Great for my daughter to try out.

  5. I don't normally like a lot of Essie's paler pinks, but the fact that this is opaque in two coats has me VERY interested! It's really quite gorgeous!

  6. I feel really lucky I stumbled upon this post! I am on the look out for a pink nail polish and saw minimalistic today and was wondering how it looks like! Now that I see the other options as well, I might go for something warmer!

    1. Glad this could be of help! Good luck in your search :)


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