Sunday, October 19, 2014

TOPSHOP Mercurial Lipstick and more... review + swatches

          It's a cool fifty degrees here in Chicago - a reminder that seasons are changing and new seasonal beauty is in order! Fall makeup tends to be tricky for me; while I subconsciously gravitate towards the rich browns and berries, they aren't the most complimentary shades to my complexion. (I'm more of a winter-spring girl). I'd been autopilot-ing with my beauty basics, until I received a lovely package filled with TOPSHOP Beauty!

          TOPSHOP's latest beauty collection is Molten Metallics - a set of metallic lipsticks and blushes for Fall 2014. It's a fall inspiration that I'm really loving for this season. Today I have look at a metallic lipstick from the collection, as well as some great TOPSHOP beauty basics.

           TOPSHOP Lips in Mercurial is one of three lip colors in the Molten Metallics collection. The silvery pink shade is a remix on your classic nude lip. The effect is a washed-out lip color with metallic glow. Admittedly you have to 'own it' to wear it; it's not a my-lips-but-better type of shade. That said, I'm loving this unique shade; it's just what I needed to spruce up my makeup routine (sans browns and berries). The finish comfortable and non-drying, though not particularly moisturizing.

Can't get enough of TOPSHOP packaging!
         I've been adding more kohls to my routine as of late; I love the dramatic smoked gradient they provide. (Usually I'll line first with a long-lasting liquid, then reapply kohl throughout the day to get add more depth to fading lines). TOPSHOP Kohl in Sable is a dark brown pencil with great intensity. It applies smoothly and has quite good lasting power for a kohl (which are usually short lived relative to other liners). I'm very happy with this pencil; it's a worthwhile addition to my everyday makeup pouch.

Inside are a little spoolie, tweezers, and brush!
          I have a thing for brow kits. (You should have seen the gleam in my eye when I spotted the TOPSHOP Brow Palette in Whatever). As someone with thinner brows, it makes a big difference when I take the time to do and touch up brows throughout the day. The TOPSHOP Brow Palette in Whatever is a conveniently sized case with a pull-out drawer of three mini brow tools (a spoolie, a tweezer, and dual ended brush. Inside, is a warm creamy brown wax and a grey-taupe shadow. They're meant to be layered for effect, but I tend to use more of the powder shadow. The brow kit is also available in a lighter set of shades.

          I adore the pretty dotted packaging of TOPSHOP Cream Blush in Afternoon. The bright pink is not a shade I would have initially picked for myself. However, I've found that just a couple dabs of the creamy formula blends out to create a surprisingly subtle brightening effect on my cheeks. It pairs nicely with Mercurial (above), as I find that I have to add more cheek color to balance out paler lips. TOPSHOP Lip Paint in Hibiscus is a rich opaque, creamy lip color. It wears comfortably, and is a nice option for when I'm feeling bright.

         I have to say, I'm loving my first trial with TOPSHOP Beauty. My favorites from this selection are TOPSHOP Lips in Mercurial, Kohl in Sable, and Cream Blush in Afternoon Tea. (I've already tucked them into my everyday makeup pouch!) I'm thinking a visit to the TOPSHOP boutique on Michigan Ave may be in order; the new metallic blushes are calling my name...

Thanks for reading! Have you tried TOPSHOP Beauty? What are your favorite products and shades?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. I ADORE top shop packaging -- I don't think I've ever used their products, but that brow colour looks perfect for me.

  2. I have really enjoyed everything I've tried from Topshop. The creme blushes from this year's fall collection are so pretty! The finish is metallic and really mixes up my makeup routine. I have the gold metallic lipstick and prefer it layered with creme lipsticks. Just a pop of metal at the center of my lips. So pretty! I've heard good things about the Sable Kohl and I think it is next on my list to try.

  3. That lip paint is sooo pretty. I super like the color for it will match my pale lips. Will check on that one.

  4. i always want to get something from the brand, but never get around to it! Their packaging is so cute though


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