Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dr. Jart+ Skincare routine review

         The past couple months, I had the luxury of testing out a new skincare routine, thanks to Dr. Jart+! Winter is the perfect time for me to try new things; I'm always looking for emollient lotions and creams to combat an all-too-parched complexion that is a product of Chicago winters. I had the chance to hand pick the products that caught my eye... and at long last have an overview and review to share with you today!

        For those of you familiar to Dr. Jart+, you'll know it's a Korean skincare line well known for their BB creams. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a myriad of items in their skincare line, divided into different color coded categories. I decided to try items from a variety of groups, including the Dr. Jart+ Premium, Black Label, Water-Sure, and Pore Medic lines. The specific skincare pieces I have to share with you Include the Dr. Jart+ Firming Sleeping Mask Overnight Treatment, Dr. Jart+ O2 Cleansing Foam Detoxifying Cleanser, Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Sure Gel, and Dr. Jart+ Derma @ home Peeling.

        The product I just had to try was the Dr. Jart+ Premium - Firming Sleeping Mask. It was listed as a favorite of Jenna Lyons in a New York Times article on her skincare routine. (And you know how I feel about J.Crew!) This overnight mask is designed to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients at night, and can be applied over your regular skincare products. It contains niacinamide and kava extract as well as traditional Korean herbs (I can smell a hint of ginseng, which is a Korean favorite).

        In terms of my experience, I typically take ~2 pumps per use, which is actually a small amount. The formula comes out as an amber colored gel and spreads easily. I don't notice it's there while wearing the mask, but I can feel it come off during my morning cleanse. So far, I'm really loving the Dr. Jart+ Premium - Firming Sleeping Mask ($48). I feel like my skin does look more refreshed in the morning. It's definitely a keeper.

          I'm a bit of a cleanser aficionada, so I was curious as to how I'd like the Dr. Jart+ O2 Black Label Detox - Cleansing Foam ($24). Per their descriptions, the cleanser is formulated with O2 water which contains 3x more dissolved O2 than normal, with the idea of delivering detoxifying bubbles to skin. In addition to cleansing, the the SLS-free, vegetable based formula provides antioxidants and lycopene to protect skin.

         Practically speaking, I found that the foaming cleanser applied gently and the fluffy white cloud-like texture made for a lovely experience! After washing it off, I found that my skin was left with a deep cleansed feeling, without drying the skin. I do find that this cleanser is more aggressive, as in it's particularly great for when my skin's acting up and all oil/makeup needs to be removed. That said, it works just as nicely on a normal basis. I have to give this a thumbs up as well.

        I'll admit that I gravitated towards Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse - Water-Sure Gel ($38) because of it's pretty aqua packaging! The oil-free formula contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, as well as extracts from the olive leaf, cranberry leaf, and baobob tree. I also found that it comes with a little scoop, which I actually quite like, for measuring the cream and not having to dip fingers in.

        I found that the gel formula felt hydrating to the touch, and applied in the lovely way that gel formulas do. I also liked that the formula continued to hydrate skin after initial application making it even winter appropriate; I don't often wear gel formulas, but have tried formulas in the past that seem to disappear after application! The Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse - Water-Sure Gel seems like a good options for those who like light skin coverage that doesn't disappear right away.

        I think it's important to supplement at-home skincare with different masks, treatments, and peels. Regular care can make a difference, and comes with a lighter price tag than clinic visits! Because of this, I couldn't resist trying the Dr. Jart+ Pore-Medic Derma @ home Peeling kit ($42). The two-step kit provides Thermal Crystal Scrub (1.7oz) to provide gentle exfoliation, and a 60 second bubbling peel (2.2 oz) to remove dead skin cells, minimize pores, and brighten skin. Ingredients include Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin E.

        I found that the peeling kit was gentle and effective. It does seem quite comparable to kits like Philosophy's, which I've purchased a couple times in the past. The first step is a thick exfoliating cream that warms the face; I like to massage this on for ~30 seconds or so to work off any dead skin cells. The second step, the bubbling peel is added on top; it foams slightly while reacting with the first layer. After washing off the mask, I enjoyed an overall smoother and brighter effect (as is expected of these kind of peels). I liked that my skin wasn't particularly dry or flaky afterwards, which can happen with harsher ingredients! Overall, I think this is a cost-effective alternative to similar peels on the market. I only used a small amount each time, and think the entire kit should last for many uses.

        Overall, I've really enjoyed my first foray into Dr. Jart+! The set has been gentle and effective on my skin; and I'll be using in the days to come. My favorite has to be Dr. Jart+ Premium - Firming Sleeping Mask, which locks in moisture overnight for a refreshed look the next morning. The Dr. Jart+ O2 Black Label Detox - Cleansing Foam comes in at a close second, for its thorough, comfortable clean! Both are wonderful options for those looking to start out in the line; of course, Dr. Jart+ skincare is also organized into easy-to-explore categories for those looking to find targeted solutions as well!

        Thanks for reading! Have you tried anything from the Dr. Jart+ BB cream or skincare line? What skincare products are you loving lately?



  1. I haven't tried anything by Dr. Jart, but I'm tempted to based on your review! Hate that winter = dry sin, :(

    1. Hi M,

      It's definitely been dry --- I find that I'm much more diligent about skincare during the winter months. This was my first experience with Dr. Jart, and so far it's been a good one!


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