Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five : Gehry x Louis Vuitton edition

Keeping things cozy with a wool blanket and a pile of glossies!
            Happy Friday! I've been spending the week spoiled with daily french toast, made from mom's organic home baked bread! In the midst of the work I'm supposed to be doing, I've been watching Season 1 of the Blacklist (on Netflix) and stretching out with a few sun salutations. I thought it was high time for a Friday Five, so here are the five things that have been on my mind as of late:

1. [Recent reads]: Architectural Digest
I've been looking for decoration inspiration as of late. Thankfully, at my mom's house there's a backlog of Architectural Digest issues that I've been working through this past week! My favorite thus far has been the October 2014 feature on Frank Gehry x Louis Vuitton! The Gehry-designed gallery has the most delightful shell of glass sails; the interplay between sky, light, and reflection is portrayed beautifully within the glossy pages! Though that issue is now out of print, you can see photographs of the Fondation de Louis Vuitton from the Architectural Digest Article online!

2. [Shopping Diary] : Nike, mostly
My shopping tends to be thematic, and lately I've been adding athletic pieces to my collection. I suppose its a roundabout way of working on my general fitness resolution! (After all, working out is so much better when there's cute clothes involved). During my past couple trips to Nike, I've picked up a cute racerback (screenprint here on instagram) and a couple of much needed leggings. I'm thinking they'll work out nicely for both yoga and rock climbing (provided I'm on a wooden, not textured wall ... abrasives don't play well with polyester).  As a side note, I also picked up a couple bottles body wash in Pacifica California Jasmine and Pacifica Persian rose from Marshalls. I've seen Pacifica in a couple stores now, so it may be worth a look if you're interested!

I just can't get over the sky shades reflected in the Fondation de Louis Vuitton here. Gehry's work is simply gorgeous!
3. [The Starbucks Situation] : Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza
I'm someone who seems to function better with a cup of Starbucks in hand (even when it comes to touring desert gardens...)! At my east coast home away from home, I've been relying on K-cup versions of the brew. Most recently, we picked up Starbucks Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza, a single origin coffee with citrus and deep chocolate notes. It's a supermarket variety, I think, which must parallel the new Guatemalan blend Starbucks Casi Cielo that's being sold in-café. I was on an African coffee kick, but I'm really loving the smooth South American beans. I may have to pick up a bag of Casi Cielo when I get back to Chicago...

4. [Routine de Soin] : Keeping it Fresh 
I've been sticking to my resolution of using and enjoying items in my stash, especially when it comes to skincare! My current routine involves a full line of Fresh products; I've been exfoliating with Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub, then cleansing with Fresh Soy cleanser, then patting on Fresh Black Tea Toner, and Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream (set reviewed here). The combination is wonderfully gentle and hydrating. I'm hooked on the Soy Facial cleanser again, and I'm not sure what I'll do once I run out! I've also been doing daily Fresh Rose Face Mask treatments. Typically this would seem over-indulgent to me, but my new philosophy is to use it before I have to lose it.

5. [Beauty-to-buy list] : Baby Pinks
I feel like I've found great balance in my current collection, and am happy to report that I haven't felt the urge to collect in quite some time. That said, there are a couple things that have caught my eye. First up is NARS Reckless blush (Spring 2015); the sheer silvery pink looks like something that would be right up my alley. I'm glad that NARS has gone lighter this time; it's hard for me to wear the more daring medium to dark shades that seem to more common as of late! I've also been eying CHANEL Rouge Allure in Badine as well; love my light pinks!

         Thanks for reading my little diary of rambles! Hope all is well - I would love to hear about anything from your recent reads, shopping diary, starbucks situation, routine de soin, or beauty-to-buy list!

Love, Dovey.


  1. Hey Dovey, oh beautiful beautiful photos as usual! It seems like superb aesthetics just run in your family! I usually just make a lungo with Nescafe Dolce Gusto in the morning, but when I am out and about, particularly when I don't know where to find good coffee, I do fall back on Starbucks. Just had a latte there yesterday :) I really only do Tall tho. I used to be able to drink a Grande Frappuccino with all the caramel, chocolate, whipped cream and whatnot when I was 18. Not anymore! Now I feel old LOL I am curious about the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints. I need to check those out soon and see if I want to try one. So far I've heard both positive and negative feedback, so I am trying to wait for more reviews.

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Thanks so much, your'e too kind! I would love to have a Nescafe machine - I haven't tried one personally but I've heard they're absolutely delicious! (And so does that Grande Frapp too on second thought!) I've been mostly black coffee, maybe with a little added sugar lately, so not that exciting either. I hope you get to try the eye tints, swatches do seem beautiful thus far!

  2. My shopping is fairly thematic as well -- I'll usually adopt a new hobby (for now it's healthy living) and get myself excited to stick with it by shopping for all the things I need. Not sure if it's 100% healthy, but I find it helps me keep goals and see projects through!

    1. Hi Procrastinator,

      Healthy living sounds like a good one --- like you, I like being able to focus and make a difference in a single category! Good luck on your goals! :)

  3. Great post! I have enjoyed reading this :)

  4. I love baby pinks too :) Can't wait to see what you pick out! And i'm addicted to shopping for fitness clothing too, although I do love to wear lululemon in everyday life too. (Fortunately, I'm starting to have some fitness activities to go along with the gear lol!)


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