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Living Proof Curl haircare collection review

          Confession: I'm a curly-haired girl. It's something most people wouldn't know, as I straighten my hair on a daily basis! (Once, a fellow student saw my ID and asked if I used to have a perm...) It's not that I don't love curls; when done right, they add gorgeous texture. But that's the thing ... it's so hard to keep them defined and frizz free that it's easier for me to reach for my ghd. That said, when Living Proof asked if I'd like to try their new 'Curl' haircare line, I decided to give curls another chance!

          If there's anyone I trust my hair with, it's Living Proof. My hair has two major issues: it's fine in caliber and has tons of frizz. Unfortunately, the solution to those two issues are at odds; volumizing products add texture (a.k.a more frizz) whereas the heavy oils and silicones in frizz control products tend to to pancake-flatten thin hair. Living Proof products revolutionized my haircare routine by providing both frizz control and volumization in one (seriously a dream come true!), thanks to their patented OFPMA molecule. As a result, I've become quite the connoisseur of Living Proof haircare; my collection includes numerous products from their No FrizzVolume, and PHD lines. Today, I have my review and thoughts on the new Living Proof 'Curl' line. Hopefully it will help those of you with curvaceous locks like myself!

          I loved the concept behind the promo photo for the Living Proof 'Curl' line (see above!). 'Curly' describes such a diverse range of hair types, from loose waves to tight tendrils. It's hard to imagine how a one-size-fits-all routine could deal with all these variations. I really appreciate how Living Proof addressed this in their new 'Curl' routine, which offers a number of different layers, and different finishing products depending on the kind of control each individual needs.

The entire Living Proof 'Curl' haircare routine!
           The Living Proof 'Curl routine consists of: Living Proof Curl conditioning wash, Living Proof Curl detangling rinse, Living Proof No Frizz leave-in conditioner, Living Proof Curl styling cream, and Living Proof Curl styling mousse. I'll conduct my review in the order that each product should be used!

Since I'm talking about my curly hair gone wild, I figured I'd share a photo of my orchids... gone wild! I'm lucky that this particular plant seem to be blooming for the third year in a row!

STEP 1: Living Proof Curl conditioning wash

          The Living Proof Curl conditioning wash ($26 for 11.5 oz) is a non-lathering, sulfate-free wash is both cleanser and conditioner in one. I found that the overall result was really soft, well conditioned hair. I feel a slightly heavier finish than other Living Proof shampoos, however this is expected with curl control products. However, like Living Proof products, it achieves a gorgeous finish without an oily or heavy silicone feel (so key!).

         Because Living Proof products uniquely function with their patented OFPMA molecule, I find that cleansing with Living Proof products before using Living Proof styling products enhances their overall effect. If I do use another shampoo brand before styling, I prefer to use deep cleansers that leave my hair free of heavy residue so that the subsequent Living Proof styling products can work their magic.

STEP 2: Living Proof Curl Detangling Rinse

          Tangling is an issue that just comes with the curly hair territory. (Thank you, Living Proof for recognizing this!) The Living Proof Curl detangling rinse ($26 for 11.5oz) is not a conditioner, it's a water activated detangler! After cleansing, the detangling rinse is applied to wet hair, then rinsed immediately. I was initially skeptical as to whether the 'detangling rinse' would make a difference, but was pleasantly surprised! The fruit-scented rinse immediately made it easier for me to run fingers or a comb through my hair. This is my favorite from the 'Curl' routine. I've used it to make my hair more manageable, even when I'm planning on straightening afterwards!

STEP 3: Living Proof No Frizz leave-in conditioner 

          The Living Proof No Frizz leave-in conditioner ($24 for 4 oz) is an optional step to provide an extra dose of conditioning with added frizz protection. I was really happy to see this included in my set, as I was already a big fan of this leave-in-conditioner. (I leave a bottle at my parent's house for the times I visit!) It does such an amazing job of creating soft, non-frizzy hair without weighing things down. It works nicely in the 'Curl' routine, but also well as a single-product for days you want a no-fuss hair solution!

Love this stuff!

STEP 4a: Living Proof Curl defining styling cream 

          The Living Proof Curl defining styling cream ($28 for 8 oz) was designed as a finishing step for curly or coiled curls that can use extra conditioning. The product pumps out in lotion/cream form. To enhance curls, you can scrunch hair afterwards with a towel, whereas to elongated them, comb your locks after application!

STEP 4b: Living Proof Curl enhancing styling mousse

          The Living Proof Curl enhancing styling mousse ($28 for 6 oz) was designed for waves or loose curls that need extra hold for definition (and oomph). Like your typical mousse, start with an egg-sized amount and apply evenly from root to tip, then scrunch the curls! You can finish with air drying or a diffuser.

Tip: if you've used the Living Proof leave-in-conditioner beforehand, cut down on the amount of styling cream or mousse afterwards!
          I tried both the Living Proof defining styling cream and enhancing styling mousse on my hair (at separate times) and noticed improved curl longevity and frizz control with each. So much that I could feel comfortable leaving the house with my hair au natural. Some reviewers have noted great results after sleeping on their hair after using the routine, so I tried this as well. I can't say I woke up with springy locks, but I definitely noticed less frizz. (To be fair, there is no product that will save my hair overnight; it just molds too easily.)

          In terms of the Living Proof defining styling cream vs. enhancing styling mousse, I'm favoring the styling cream as my hair is quite obstinate and needs more hold. I also like how I can comb creams more evenly through my hair. I think the choice between the two depends on your personal formula preference and hair type.

          I have nothing but good things to say about the newest Living Proof 'Curl' routine. (To be fair, I am a brand devotee...). Living Proof's OFPMA based formulas simply work for my hair; they give amazing frizz control without the weight of silicones and oil based formulas. I'm really excited to add curly-hair targeted products to my Living Proof collection. They'll definitely come handy in the summer when I'm going for beach-y waves.

          In terms of an overall routine, I do find that the Living Proof 'Curl' products work best when layered together. If you're looking to collect one by one, I'd start with the Living Proof Styling Cream or mousse depending on your texture preferences. Next, I'd add the Living Proof conditioning wash to really get that extra definition. However, if you're like me and can't quit your deep cleansing shampoos, I'd go instead for the Living Proof Curl detangling rinse (which is my favorite from the Curl lineup!). It's fast, easy, and really works. Finally, the Living Proof No Frizz leave-in-conditioner is a general Living Proof favorite of mine. It works for any hairstyle, straight or curly. I love the soft finish and frizz control (so key!)

          Thanks for reading! Which Living Proof products have you tried? What are your major hair concerns? (If you're a curly girl like me, what's your hair routine?)

Love, Dovey.

P.S. I like to purchase my Living Proof haircare online at www.LivingProof.com. There tend to be great samples and minis!
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  1. I have curly hair too and like it curly. The mousse and leave-in conditioner definitely pique interest! Thanks for the step-by-step - that was helpful. :)


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