Thursday, March 19, 2015

Essie Fiji nail polish review + swatches

           I'd bet that most of us have the one shade of lacquer we just can't seem to stop collecting; for me it's pale pink. I must have at least ten (probably more) shades of Essie pinks alone, that would look practically identical to the casual observer. But to me, they're all so very different - with different nuances, sheerness, or even subtle sparkle! Different times of the year, and different occasions seem to call for different pale pinks. As of late, my pink of choice has been Essie Fiji.

         Essie Fiji is an interesting choice, as it's not one of my usual go-tos. It has the slightest touch of warmth that makes it a bit more sweet-tart than chic. For this reason, I generally prefer my 'cooler' BFF Essie Minimalistic (reviewed) when I want a pale pink. That said, there's something about early spring that calls for candied tones!

          Essie Fiji is an opaque pastel pink. It's every so slightly a yellow-pink, which gives it the candied character I mentioned above. The formula is decent, though not the best of my Essie Pinks; my main issue is that it doesn't level / even out as well as some of my other Essie polishes, despite having a steady hand. You could get coverage with two well placed coats, but I find that three thin coats works best to achieve even, full coverage.

        As a quick aside - I had to share a picture of my Echeveria subsessilis. It's one of my favorite new additions to my succulent collection. I love the pretty pink tips contrasted against the dusty blue leaves - such a perfect combination for spring!

          In terms of comparison swatches, I'm sharing the same set of shades as a previous post, as they really demonstrate the nuances between the different opaque pink cremes in my collection. Essie French Affair has more pink-lavender leanings. Essie Neo Whimsical is darker. Essie Minimalistic (reviewed here) is very similar, but cooler - and a bit more undertone free. Essie Not Just a Pretty Face is a warmer beige pink.

           Overall, Essie Fiji is a sweet pink shade that works so well during early spring! It's not my year-round pink, but a fun shade to have in my collection. That said, I can see how those with more warmth in skin-tone might be able to pull it off on the regular. If you've tried Essie Fiji, let me know how it's worked for you!

         Thanks for reading! What lacquers are you wearing lately? What Essie Pinks are your favorites?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Loved your post and the love that Fiji receives :)
    It's actually my boyfriend's favourite nail polish color on me, which I find quite funny as it is not your typical sexy dark red or fun lighter red or red at all ;)

    I love Fiji in spring time. Such a light, gorgeous color. And of course, later in summer with a light tan it's more "bam". Love it.

  2. Awww...the Essie Fiji is so cute! Love the color for I find it girlie. It looks so natural on nails too.

  3. I had Fiji once and ran out but based on your swatches I think I'll get Minimalistic next x

  4. Beautiful photo of your new plant. I just picked up Minimalistic over the weekend and really love it! :)


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