Sunday, July 28, 2013

Butter London 'Backstage Basics' set (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) review + swatches

          The Butter London 'Backstage Basics' Anniversary Set is a six piece set available at this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It contains Butter London Hardwear Topcoat, Butter London Nail Foundation Basecoat, Butter London Thames nail lacquer, Butter London Powder Room Lacquer remover, a Butter London nail file, and a Butter London polish of your choice. I've had the chance to scope out this set, courtesy of Butter London, and have an overview to share with you today!

          The set conveniently comes complete with all the basics necessary for a good manicure! For starters, I really like the generously apportioned Butter London Hardwear Top Coat and Butter London Nail Foundation Base Coat. I'd been wanting to try them for quite some time, so it was a real treat. So far, I'm enjoying both! The Butter London nail file has a fun curved shape and the Butter London logo printed on both sides. Butter London Powder Room is an acetone-free nail remover with a powdery scent. The bottle comes in a convenient, TSA-friendly size for the jet-setting fashionista! Every set also comes with a bottle of Butter London Thames nail lacquer, a shimmery lagoon blue-green nail polish (swatched above).

         With the Butter London 'Backstage Basics' Anniversary set, you also get to add a Butter London nail lacquer of your choice. I've included a few shades from my Butter London collection below. Check out the caption for names and links to nail swatches for each color.

Top row: Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic (swatch here), Cake-Hole (swatch here), Silly Billy (swatch here); Middle row: Cheeky Chops (swatch here), Wellies (swatch here), Poole (swatch here); Bottom row: Keks (swatch here), Giddy Kipper (swatch here), Toff (swatch here)

          The Butter London 'Backstage Basics' Anniversary set ($70 value for $39) is available during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2013. Overall, I'm really enjoying the set; it's full of basic products that I'm sure to use for my weekly polish change. It's a great set (and a great deal!) for those looking to explore and/or replenish their polish collection!

          Thanks for reading! Have you picked up any beauty exclusives from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? What Butter London polish would you choose to add to your 'Backstage Basics' set?

Love, Dovey.
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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    I got the chance to try out the powder room remover and I was impressed by how good it was actually, my nails looked still 'healthy' and felt nice in touch. :) / Claire xxx

  2. What a great set! I'm jealous! If I had access to it, I'd most probably pick Poole to complete the set! Teal is one of my go-to summer manicure shades!

  3. Fantastic set, I've heard really good things about Butter London base and top coat!

  4. I'm definitely going to try Hardwear at some point. Hear lot of good things about it!


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