Monday, February 24, 2014

A few of my favorite things - February 2014

          Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, I have A few of my favorite things to share with you today! February is one of my favorite color months. It gives me the liberty to wear pink, pink, and more pink! (As far as I'm concerned, pink might as well be a neutral hue). For this month's edition of A few of my favorite things, I've put together a list of the mostly-pink-themed accoutrements that I've been enjoying!

1. Kate Spade scarf 
I'm always happy to have a little Kate Spade on hand, whether it be a purse, perfume or pretty piece of another sort. This month I've been loving my pink spade-print scarf. It's a festive accent piece, perfect for February!

2. NARS nail polish in Schiap 
This Elsa Schiaparelli - inspired hot pink is a perennial pick for me, come February. While I don't often gravitate towards brights, hot pinks are always welcome in my book! I'd love to have the matching NARS Schiap lipstick; it's quite high on my current wishlist!

3. CHANEL Rouge Coco in Dédicace (click for review)
This cool, cheery pink has been a staple for me this month. (I had a  brief scare when I thought it had fallen out of my purse--- thankfully I found it the passenger side seat of my car). CHANEL Dédicace seems to have been a less popular pick from the Notes de Printemps collection (in the blogosphere at least), but it's a winner by me!

4. Diptyque Eau Rose perfume
When it comes to perfume, I'm a year-round floral kind of girl. When it comes to the winter months, I find myself gravitating to the full-bodied character of rose. I've been mixing up my rosy routine with a spritz of Diptyque Eau Rose. It's a fun take on rose, with sweet blackberry and lychee adding a delicious touch.

5. Cartier Goutte de Rose
I adore Cartier perfumes (composed by perfumer Mathilde Laurent); the natural minimalism of their scents resonates quite strongly with me! I had to pick up Cartier Goutte de Rose when it debuted last year, as I had yet to find a solid rose scent for my collection. I love how the scent strikes a balance between the sweet and mature aspects of this quintessential bloom.

6. CHANEL Perfection Lumiere foundation (click for review)
I hope you'll indulge me in my broken-record kind of endorsement of CHANEL Perfection Lumière! (It's been in a number of my A few of my favorite things posts already!) Lately I've been using this foundation along with my new beauty blender sponge, which tends to eat up the foundation, but provides a beautiful finish.

7. Illamasqua blusher in Nymph
I've become a bit more bold with blush lately. I'll use a liberal dusting, as opposed to my usual whisper. It's fitting for the pallor of my winter complexion, as well as adding a little fullness to my relatively thin face. My favorite blusher this month has been Illamasqua Nymph, a pretty candy pink!

          Thanks for reading! Do we share any favorites? What pink shades have you been wearing this month? What perfumes have you been gravitating towards?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Such lovely and inspiring choices! I have questioned Schiap lipstick for myself recently, but can't bear to consider it further until I own Heat Wave. Roses de Chloe is a must on my list and I've recently enjoyed Sonia Kashuk Lip Color in Blushing.

  2. Hey Dovey,
    I love this colour palette, it really works for this time of year!
    Eau Rose from Diptyque is a lovely pick btw, I recently tried it and it's so rich in scent, love!
    Chanel Dedicace is a great pink, I don't know how it escaped my attention!

  3. The top photo is so gorgeous! You can't help but love it. I think I've fallen in love with Chanel Dedicace after reading your review, Dovey!

  4. Love the colour palette Dovey! So pretty and right up may alley! I must investigate the Chanel Lipstick now!

  5. I love your choices Dovey! All of them are definitely in my comfort zone! Gorgeous photos as always!

  6. I love your photographs. Striking and simple. I love that you created a post around the idea of a single color and scent. I've been curious about Cartier's Goutte de Rose, now I think I'm going to have to pick it up, lol.

  7. I would love it if you got Schiap lipstick - such a striking colour! And I'm really liking the scarf. :)

  8. Beautiful photos, Dovey, and such a cheerful palette :) I overdosed on rose perfume at some point, but I have been taking out my spring time favorites, too. Lately it's been L'Occitane's Jasmine & Bergamot - light and zingy!

  9. I love this set of favorites!
    I literally want everything in this post and your photos are so beautiful!
    I think that scarf has stolen my heart... :)

  10. I have always had Schiap lipstick on my mind too, even though it is the scariest lipstick shade for me. Whenever I see others wear it though I always appreciate it.

  11. That scarf is so pretty. No wonder why you fell for it. I also love the Illamasqua blusher in Nymph. I super love the shade for its girly and classy.

  12. I just tried perfection lumiere at the chanel counter. It feels so soft and luxurious. I would not blame you for loving it so much. After I finish my bottle of lancome foundation, I am going to have to venture out to chanel foundations.

  13. LOVE that scarf. i want it lol. also, i <3 eau rose. have you tried rosabotanica yet? I really like it lately!

  14. I would love to test chanel foundation, I just hope it is suitable for my sensitive combination skin. Ahh I also love the shade you give to your photos, very nice!

  15. Goutte de Rose smells like a beautiful freshly picked rose. I really like it :)

  16. i simply adore that pink lipstick, very nice for this summer


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