Monday, October 12, 2015

NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip palette review + swatches

           Today I'm enjoying an unexpected day off! I can't tell you have wonderful it feels to be at home, wearing my new pink UGG slippers (thanks Mom!), and putting in some quality time into my blog. It's been a whirlwind past several months for me, with a new job and new responsibilities. It's going to be a work in progress, but I hope I'll continue to find ways to find ways to incorporate Cute and Mundane into my schedule!

         I'm excited to share my newest beauty acquisition, the NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip palette. I'd actually been eyeing this set for some time,  including on my most recent trip to Sephora. One of my dearest friends must have read my mind, as she sent this my way! I can only begin to express my delight...

Both the top and inside of the palette are mirrored!
           The top 'shelf' of the NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip palette contains three blushes. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe that Enrapture, Enthralled, and Roman Holiday are all limited edition blush shades. I prefer this to  other blush palettes that contain shades that I already own, as I'd rather not have repeats. I found that all three formulas were quite pigmented. Because the pans are smaller, I have to experiment with which brush to use. Ideally I'd like a fluffier loose brush due to pigmentation of the shades, however, a small head would be idea to fit the pans. Hm.
One can never have too much pink...
          I really love the selection of shades, as they're ones I'd actually use! NARS Roman Holiday blush (better known in lipstick form) is a gorgeous shade of cool pink. Cool pinks are my favorite, and I'm looking forward to using this as an alternative to my everyday pink, NARS Gaiety (click for review). I'm also loving NARS Enthralled blush, as it's a deeper pink that would make a nice contour color for me. I've been using blush as opposed to bronzer for contour, as it seems to better suit my coloring. (My usual as of late has been NARS Oasis). I'll have to experiment with NARS Enrapture blush, it seems like another great contour shade for warmer toned makeup - perfect for the fall season.

         The palette top flips up to reveal the contour and highlight shades below. Unlike the limited edition upper shades, the bottom shades are classics: NARS Albatross highlighter and NARS Laguna bronzer.  Believe it or not, I actually did not yet own NARS Albatross! (I've been more of a NARS Copacabana girl). Albatross is a pretty pale yellow-gold highlight. It's also pretty pigmented. NARS Laguna bronzer is a shade I do own (swatched here), though haven't reached for as often as I'd like because it does tend to run quite warm. That said, I noticed while swatching this palette that Laguna was relatively sheer, which makes it potentially usable for me.

          Finally, the palette comes with the cutest little NARS Lip gloss in Istria. It's a really pretty light pink. Because my lips are fuller, I usually don't use an all over gloss; however a dab of this shade would add just the right touch to finish off my usually light pink lip colors. It's nice to have a mini, portable version as I don't consume enough gloss to justify a full size!

           Here are swatches of the NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip palette! I'm really loving NARS Roman Holiday blush, NARS Enthralled blush, and NARS Istria Lip Gloss. My skin still has some of it's summer warmth here, but as usual, my mildly pink undertone makes these swatches pull slightly warmer than they might look otherwise!

         I'm really excited to add this little NARSissist beauty to my collection! Not only do I love it's cute packaging, it's a practical, compact set that I can pack for the gym or on short trips. As I haven't had much time to shop for beauty as of late, I'm thankful to my friend for this thoughtful gift! It's nice to receive a much needed new infusion into my beauty routine.

         Thanks for reading! What palettes have you been loving lately? What NARS shades are you reaching for this fall?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Oh my! this is so pretty. Love the shade and packaging as well. Yeah you are right. This is practical and so ideal when travelling. I will do check on this.....

  2. Thats a nice range of cool and warm shades, I might need that in my collection :)

  3. Happy to see you posts again, Dovey! :)
    This is a great blush palette that has everything. I think maybe with one of their mini eyeshadow palettes and this, you are set for traveling and looking chic all the way.

  4. What a pretty little palette! I love cool pink blushes as well. Roman Holiday is gorgeous :)

  5. I really love the blush shades in this palette--especially Roman Holiday--so pretty! And it is so convenient to have a highlighter and bronzer included as well :)

  6. The warmer Nars blushes look good but not a fan of Roman Holiday which looks pretty blue based and similar to Angelika which looked horrid on me. I never buy palettes cause there is always one color that doesn't suit me


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