Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Color in Indécise review + swatches

            As Northern days grow shorter and the nights wax cooler, our colors shift like the spectacular hues in the sunset skies. I've been searching for the perfect shades to complement this evanescent aesthetic --- something with a fading warm glow to remind me of the sun's last hurrah. Recently, I've found this subtle sentiment channeled in CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise, a warm glimmering pink.

           CHANEL Indécise was first released as a part of the Collection Rouge Allure Moiré de Chanel, and featured again in Collection Nuit Infinie de Chanel (Holiday 2013). Both collections sport a stunning array of new Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks!

CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise (Holiday 2013)
           CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise is a warm pink nude with sunset tints. It tones down my lips and adds a glowy warmth. Bobbi Brown Uber Beige Lipstick (not to be confused with Bobbi Brown Uber Beige Rich Lip color which swatches differently) is the closest match in shade. It's slightly less pink and lacks a warm shimmer. Bobbi Brown Beige is  cooler and is less orange in tone. MAC Shy Girl is lighter and more peach. NARS Belle de Jour is lighter, less pink, more nude.

           Of note, CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise has considerable shine (even more than my swatch below implies). It can even catch an almost-coppery glow in fading sunlight! I typically don't go for frosty finishes, but it can be quite complementary and contemporary when paired with a warm nude hue.

          CHANEL Rouge Allure in Indécise is beautiful addition to my cold weather collection. I've been reaching for this warm sunset nude almost daily. (My only complaint is the formula is slightly dry). Otherwise, I adore the contrasting combination of warmth and frost;  the summation is unexpectedly beautiful, like the glimmering pinks and oranges splashed across the winter sky!

          Thanks for reading! What pieces from Chanel Rouge Moiré and Chanel Nuit Infinie have caught your eye? What are your favorite shades of Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks?

Love, Dovey.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Benefit Watt's Up! Luminzer / Highlighter review + swatches

       With the invention of the incandescent light bulb, a simple carbon filament on a current, Thomas Edison lit up the modern world! Though Edison was not the first to invent a light bulb, his model (US Patent 223898) was the first to be commercially practical.

         Today, I'm sharing my thoughts on Benefit Watt's Up?, an aptly named, light bulb festooned highlighter that, like its inspiration, adds a glow to your face round the clock! I've been playing around with this lovely Benefit Watt's Up? mini, thanks to its inclusion in this year's Sephora birthday set.

Incidentally, the light bulb pictured here happens to be from my vanity!
           Benefit Watt's Up is a cream to powder highlighter that imparts a champagne glow. I've made some comparison swatches of Watt's Up next to some of the highlighters in my collection. Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Brick is the most similar and also has a champagne glow, though it is a bit more golden. Guerlain Terracotta Sun In The City (reviewed here) is a warm gold; you can see that Watt's Up is more champagne in comparison. NARS Copacabana multiple (reviewed here) is much lighter, whiter, and a bit cooler in tone.

           Of the delightful retro references in the brand's makeup line, Benefit Watt's Up? is undoubtedly my favorite. The champagne sheen is gorgeous, plus the nod to Edison's 'bright idea' is enough to make this science-loving gal glow!

          Thanks for reading! Have you tried Benefit Watt's Up? What are your favorite highlighters? What Benefit products would you recommend?

Love, Dovey.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

LUSH Halloween 2013 : Creatures of the Baaaaaath! review + photos

          Fresh from their haunted perfumeries on the other side, LUSH presents Creatures of the Baaaaaath! The collection includes a number of spooky bath-time products that will bubble, pop, and fizzle, turning your ordinary bathtub into a burbling cauldron!

            Along with some returning favorites and regular line items, LUSH Halloween 2013 introduces two new unearthly inventions : Pumpkin Mumkin and Lord of Misrule. I've been enjoying my package of Halloween goodies, courtesy of LUSH, and have reviews to share with you today!

LUSH Pumpkin Mumkin bubble bar
           Pumpkin Mumkin bubble bar is my favorite of the bunch. (After all, I do have a penchant for the cute!) In addition to a cute countenance, Pumpkin Mumkin shares the same scent as LUSH Fig and Leaves soap.
LUSH Demon in the Dark soap
          Demon in the Dark soap is a forest green cleansing treat, hidden beneath a black wax peel. This mystically patterned soap may look like an arcane concoction born of dark magic, but its scent is pleasantly natural, featuring fresh mint, apple juice, and clove for a crisp and cleansing wash.

          Ceridwen's Cauldron is a delightful bath soak wrapped in muslin. Lavender, rose, and sandalwood soothe, while cocoa butter and oats calm and moisturize skin.

LUSH Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt
           Lord of Misrule bath bomb was the most potent potion in the package. I could smell the black pepper and patchouli wafting through the house long after I opened the fragrant box! Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule sports a green exterior with a rich wine interior, complete with silver sparkles and popping candies.
          The Enchanter Bath Bomb (reviewed here) certainly lives up to its name! The big, bright bath bomb returns from last year to fill baths with streams of pink, yellow, and peach bubbles. The suffusion of lime and neroli offer a sweet, uplifting soak.

LUSH Enchanter bath bomb and LUSH Lord of Misrule bath bomb
          The 'Creatures of the Baaaaaath!' in LUSH Halloween 2013 are spook-tacular concoctions fit for chilly October nights. Considering my 'burbly' personality, LUSH Pumpkin Mumkin bubble bar is my favorite of the bunch. As for Mr. Lovey, I have a feeling that he's going to enjoy the mysteriously minty LUSH Demon in the Dark soap!

          Thanks for reading! Have you picked up anything from LUSH Halloween? What LUSH products have you been loving lately?

Love, Dovey.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks in Warm Caramel, Plum Perfect, and Rich Raisin review + swatches

           Even in Chicago's concrete jungle, the onset of autumn has brought with it mottled flocks of gold, plum, and wine colored leaves swirling about the city streets. Though the falling leaves signify the withdrawal of verdant days, they sport the most resplendently vivacious colors of the year! Naturally, I've been experimenting with these rich autumn hues in my beauty routine. Recently I had the chance to try an artists' tin full of color cosmetics, courtesy of Neutrogena. Today I'm sharing a trio of fall-appropriate Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks --- my favorite products of the bunch!

            The autumn-inspired colors shown here are Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks in Warm Caramel, Plum Perfect, and Rich Raisin. The chubby lip pencils are housed in plastic color-coded ferrules that twist up more product as needed. The formula is glossy and smooth, with good slip. All three have sweet, fruity scents.

          The three shades are semi-sheer and glossy; they add a discernible tint to lips, while allowing some natural color to shine through. I've swatched the three Neutrogena color sticks below. Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in #50 Warm Caramel is a gold-leaning nude. Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in #70 Plum Perfect is a mauve pink. Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in #80 Rich Raisin is a warm wine. I found all three colors to be easy to wear, thanks to their smooth formulations and seasonally appropriate hues.

         With rich gold, plum, and wine whorls fluttering through the windy city, it's a great time to celebrate autumn's vibrance with some new colors! Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks in Warm Caramel, Plum Perfect, and Rich Raisin are a trio of season-appropriate hues that would make a nice addition to a fall beauty wardrobe. Warm Caramel is my favorite, as I love nude lips, however I've had fun wearing the more dramatic Rich Raisin as well.

        Thanks for reading! Have you tried Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks? Which of the three shades above would you most likely wear? How are you updating your fall color wardrobe?

Love, Dovey.
Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A few of my favorite things - October 2013

          Happy October! The combination of crisp air, colorful gourds, and candy corn make this my favorite month of the year! Beautiful, striking colors are lining the farm-side produce stands, glowing vermilion, white, and jack-o-lantern orange in the glancing afternoon sunlight. (snapshot by mom!) In commemoration of this final, colorful harvest of the year, I'd like to share a few of my favorite fall-themed accoutrements!

1. Vermilion sweater (St. John) + orange patterned blouse (GAP) - I paired a favorite vermilion sweater with an orange print, to mimic the complementary colors of the pumpkins.

2. OPI Did you 'ear about Van Gogh? (reviewed here) - This shade reminds me of wheat fields ready for harvest; it's an appropriate sentiment, given Van Gogh's proclivity for the subject in his artwork.

3. Essie nail polish in Blanc* -This color channels the pale white of the albino pumpkins, as well as little bedsheet phantasms that will appear on neighborhood sidewalks later on this month!

4. Dior Vernis in Riviera (reviewed here) -I find that sporting a bright vermilion is a chic alternative to classic jack-o-lantern orange this month.

5. CHANEL Double Perfection Lumière powder foundation - I'm proud to say I hit pan on this foundation! Needless to say, it's still getting a lot of love.

6.  Diptyque satchel - I love little logo pouches and was tickled when Mr. Lovey brought this one home for me. It's perfect for housing my collection of Diptyque perfume samples! (Be sure to check out my Diptyque perfume reviews here).

The perfect storage solution for my collection of Diptyque samples!
          I hope you enjoyed my ode to October! The combination of vermilion and white is a colorfully crisp variation on a fall theme that I'm going to enjoy incorporating into my routine this month. And of course, a dash of jack-o-lantern orange is always appropriate as well!

        Thanks for reading! What kind of colors and cosmetics are inspiring you this October?

Love, Dovey.
*Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.